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Agency Services

Recruitment Companies are expensive to run and a healthy cash flow is crucial to the success of the business. Having temps/contractors on site with clients is extremely expensive to facilitate. At Unified we can payroll 100% of your temporary workforce, freeing up your cash to help your business flourish.
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Client Services

Similarly to Recruitment Agencies, end-user companies have exceptional cash flow issues with their temporary workforce. The whole contractor payroll solution can be fully outsourced to Unified who can provide a seamless and automated weekly payroll service to all temporary personnel. 

Contractor Payroll Solutions for the payment of Temporary personnel worldwide....    

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Temps / Contractors

Are you considering becoming a temp / contractor for the first time? Are you concerned about regular payments and insurance? At Unified we provide a full contractor care solution where we can guarantee weekly payment every Friday and full insurance for any level of assignment worldwide.
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